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Submitting to Portland Theatre Works

Portland Theatre Works (Portland, OR) is always accepting submissions for our FreshWorks reading series. While most of our projects involve the submission of a complete draft of a script by a playwright, we are also interested in exploring different models and processes of developing new work. Please keep in mind that our mission is to develop new work, so while our readings do involve a public presentation, that is just a part of the process. If you are looking for a theatre to simply present your work for the purposes of gaining exposure, we are not that theatre. Please take a look at the guidelines below, and then send us your stuff!

Please also note: While we are very excited to work with playwrights from places near and far, you should know that we do not have the resources at this time to provide you with transportation to Portland or housing (or food) while you are here for the reading or workshop. We hope to in the future, but we can't at the moment.

We do not accept submissions for our LabWorks series. Given our scarce resources we've chosen to select plays for further development in LabWorks from out of our FreshWorks series, allowing us deepen our support of a play and playwright with whom we've established a relationship.

Playwrights submitting a script:

Please Note: Your statement of intent is just as important to us as your script. Since our goal is to support the development of a piece, we're very interested in what your developmental goals are for the play so that we can be sure we have the resources to support those goals.

Folks not submitting a script:

All submitters: Make sure your materials include your contact information, including mailing address, phone, and e-mail address!

Send the requested information to:

Portland Theatre Works
PO Box 8582
Portland, OR 97207-8582

Or submit via e-mail: submissions@ptwks.org. We can handle Microsoft Word format, rich text files, and PDF format.

We will contact you via e-mail (or if you do not wish to be contacted by e-mail, please include a SASP) informing you of the receipt of your submission and giving you an idea of when you will receive a response from us.