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Portland Theatre Works is dedicated exclusively to developing new work for the theatre by energetically supporting those who create that work. Our goal is to provide playwrights with the time, space, tools, and resources required to fully develop their plays and refine their craft. Without the help of Contributing Members we would not be able to support the development of new plays and the gifted artists who create them. Since we are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, your contribution should be tax-deductible!

A donation of any amount is truly appreciated!

You can mail donations (check or money order)* to:

Portland Theatre Works
P.O. Box 8582
Portland, OR 97207-8582

Please include a return address and email address with your donation to receive a receipt suitable for tax purposes.

You can also donate online using a credit card, checking account, or PayPal account:

You will be taken to the PayPal website to make your donation and return to our site. PayPal has proven to be both safe and reliable. PayPal does not give us your credit card or bank information, just donation amount and contact information. On PayPal's site you will be able to sign in to your PayPal account or click on "continue" to pay using a back account or credit card.

*Portland Theatre Works is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, and your donation may be fully tax-deductible (please consult a tax advisor if you have any questions about tax deductions).

The Oregon Cultural Trust Tax Credit

After making a donation to Portland Theatre Works you can make a matching donation to the Oregon Cultural Trust and take that donation as a tax credit (unlike a deduction a tax credit reduces the tax you owe dollar for dollar). For more information see the Oregon Cultural Trust's website at: www.culturaltrust.org.

Thank you for supporting new plays!

Contributing Membership carries no voting rights, and the members shall exercise no control over the policy or day-to-day operations of the corporation. All authority rests with the Board of Directors.